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Blogging helps me to reach you where you are, on the same platform sharing the same screen on the same page! blogging helps us connect in word as well as video and audio. The written page has always been used in revolutions. Printed pages formed charters and constitutions. started revolutions and gave us the bible.

Blogging helps those who enjoy reading become better versed in their chosen topic. blogging enables us to become experts in our field and when others see our writings their knowledge is expanded. My ministry has stood the test of time and thats one other reason why I want to give my very best to you online. These bible principles have worked for me and they will work for you. The abundance of material written over the years will reveal just that. The bible and its principles for wealth and happiness work.

Blogging does something a website cannot do, it helps us connect and be interactive. this means this site is has always fresh content on its home page. The latest news hot topics, bible teachings just for you.

Reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective and more engaged in what’s going on. As my friend Paul Thomas says on Image breakers. “readers make the best leaders” imagebreakers

Everyone should write a blog a day, Jesus write a book so did the prophets and apostles.  Your writing will outlast you and reach into the next generation. when you write you invest in eternal things. now if no one reads my blog I would write because I want to share with the world my best work and my best work works for me and matters to me.

One final thought, Having a blog helps me keep an account of my writings and on this blog I can find them easily and quickly now that’s something you can’t do on facebook. Plus I get to keep my content, another plus. I consider these two things make a good investment, well isn’t that what I teach, wise master investment of your money, gifts and talents.

Who knows what you could be reading here may be my next book? It could even start a revolution. Help me do just that. For those of you that are following my blog here please share this post with five friends you care about.

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  1. Pastor Bob Tilton, Thanks for making an investment of your time talents and treasures to help those who come behind you and indeed alongside you. We celebrate your success and here’s to more of it. God’s resources never run dry, may your life continue be a mighty river out of whose waters flow the healings for the nations.

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