… Martin Luther King. had a Dream … “If you have a dream you are not Poor.. with hard work, preserving and no mater how many times you fall or fail you can achieve Greatness… isn’t that what you are looking for. ??? .. It’s in Jesus in You. . what’s Your Dream .. you can Become .. you can be .. one of God’s megaMillionaires in the making I am called to help you … Go to RobertTilton.Com get my Free stake your claim to youf Dream book ..
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Blogging helps me to reach you where you are, on the same platform sharing the same screen on the same page! blogging helps us connect in word as well as video and audio. The written page has always been used in revolutions. Printed pages formed charters and constitutions. started revolutions and gave us the bible.

Blogging helps those who enjoy reading become better versed in their chosen topic. blogging enables us to become experts in our field and when others see our writings their knowledge is expanded. My ministry has stood the test of time and thats one other reason why I want to give my very best to you online. These bible principles have worked for me and they …

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Jesus said to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” now because of the internet its possible to find much of the world in your living room. This means I have a global audience without travelling by airline to cities and nations. instead of nations states and cities we haveĀ  facebook twitter and instagram wordpress and youtube and many more. My objective is to have a hub yes hub like a city would have an airport. These hubs like this one here on wordpress, is my airport when you can find out about my website (your destination). To put it in simple terms thats why I blog on wordpress.

Let me add this too. I have …

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