He doesn’t need a stick to make water come out of a rock.
He doesn’t need a branch to cross a river.
He does not need a butchers shop to bring a meal from heaven.
He doesn’t need a door to go into another room.
Every body is waiting for God to open the door. When you’ve got Jesus, You’ve got the door.
When I got Jesus I was looking for a way, when I got Jesus I found out he is the way.
He doesn’t need a doctor to heal your body, he is the healer.
God loves doctors, I got a church full of them, but he can heal without a doctor.
Luke was a physician!
How …

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Blogging helps me to reach you where you are, on the same platform sharing the same screen on the same page! blogging helps us connect in word as well as video and audio. The written page has always been used in revolutions. Printed pages formed charters and constitutions. started revolutions and gave us the bible.

Blogging helps those who enjoy reading become better versed in their chosen topic. blogging enables us to become experts in our field and when others see our writings their knowledge is expanded. My ministry has stood the test of time and thats one other reason why I want to give my very best to you online. These bible principles have worked for me and they …

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