When You Have a Clogged Up Well.. Dig Again.

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CONT- People dug their own wells in order to avid tapping into the wells of others (This is a word for someone) you do not have to tap into another persons well; you can dig your own)

Isaac set out to unstop the wells the Philistines had filled with dirt. I like his attitude he did not cry because the enemy had stopped up his supply, he probably said the same way I dug and opened one well (one business) Ill start another

Isaacs servants also dug two new wells however the enEmy strove with Isaacs men saying the water was theirs. both times Isaac abandoned the wells to dig others. Im sure it would have been easy for Isaac to give up but he didd not quit. he dug AGAIN

God has plenty of ideas. Isaac knew that God would bless whatever he put his hands too. therefore he moved to dig a third well since there was no striving at this one Isaac said for now the Lord has made a room (a place) for us and we shall be fruitful in the land ( Genesis 26;22)

THE KEY TO ISAACS SUCCESS WAS THAT HE KEPT DIGGING. It took him a while but he did not get discourage.Every time he had problems he just started over and dug another well he did not surrender nor partially surrender.Isaac kept digging wells until there was plenty of room in the land for him


The power to create Wealth By Robert Tilton (P 46,47)


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