I Believe in Jesus with Signs Following

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He doesn’t need a stick to make water come out of a rock.
He doesn’t need a branch to cross a river.
He does not need a butchers shop to bring a meal from heaven.
He doesn’t need a door to go into another room.
Every body is waiting for God to open the door. When you’ve got Jesus, You’ve got the door.
When I got Jesus I was looking for a way, when I got Jesus I found out he is the way.
He doesn’t need a doctor to heal your body, he is the healer.
God loves doctors, I got a church full of them, but he can heal without a doctor.
Luke was a physician!
How long are you going to halt between two opinions?…”

Taken from A message I believe in Jesus with Signs Following A must listen to video on my you tube channel. Taken from the the ICBM conference with Oral Roberts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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