Don’t Let the Fish get Away

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I think To myself . After being on this planet for a while. Is. I need to know what I’m praying for, so when I’m looking for it .. I see it & I recognize it when I find it. … most Christians are no different than people in the world they hope things will get better. Hope is always future some day. As someone who knows. Says quite hoping and start doing Amazing the results you will start getting things done !! We renew our thinking so we don’t think like the world. We are in the world but not of it. What do you want ?? so I can help you get it Get onboard. You pray for what you want. Seek ., go looking for it. When you find it then you must then get it by knocking loosening process. You go fishing. You catch a fish. But wait till you got to get it in the boat. Don’t let it get away ??

Poor Theology Produces poor Christians . Rich Theology produces Rich Christians .. Dr Keith Johnson Well said .. Dr J

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