Don’t Just Survive .. Thrive!

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Not just Survive but a time to Thrive …Believers. It’s our day. This is our great day of opportunities Those in fear withdraw. .. those with faith rise up and conquer. Issac in time of Famine. Sowed and reaped a 100 fold return. Samson killed the young lion. Came back a few days later and there was honey in the carcass. Out of eater came something sweet to eat..??. Look for opportunities storms of life uncover gold that was buried by time. Ask God to cause you to see things in faith that those in fear cannot see. See potential in opportunities others can’t see. Stay open seize the moment. Joseph did divine transfers of wealth came into his control. Join our Successnlife prosperity club.


One year ago on facebook I wrote:
But in Jesus is resurrection New Life that’s a word for You..

Lazarus came to the end of himself. Like little widow and son. But one door closed another opens up ??


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