Make a Plan for Your Life (cont)

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You were not created for sickness hurt or heartbreak, but for eternal life, life worth living and getting excited about, the word eternal means without beginning or end, timeless without interruption. Eternal life then is a life that cannot be measured.When you have eternal life you have so much life that itsĀ  length, height, depth and width cannot be measured. God created you for this type of life

But you must follow your spirit not your senses.. The carnal man which is controlled by the senses sees only lack, death sickness and failure.To be carnally minded is death, (Romans 8:6) Carnally minded people are limited by what they can perceive through their senses and often they are only failure

To be spiritually minded is life and peace (Romans 8:6b) and this is the law of abundance a spiritually minded person who is no longer a slave to his senses but who is controlled by the Holy Spirit can do all things because he has:-

CONFIDENCE I can make it
SUCCESS I can overcome

Charting Your Course by the Dream in Your heart by Robert Tilton P30/31

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