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The bible is full of people whom God has prospered in every area of  life. One example is Isaac ion Genesis. When Isaac was facing a famine, The Lord appeared to him and confirmed for Isaac the same covenant he had made with Abraham (Genesis 26:3).

God showed Isaac where to sow and he received a hundred fOld return in the middle of the famine (Genesis 26;12) When you listen to God he shows you where to sow.  Unfortunately some people continue sowing in famine areas when God is endeavouring to direct them to new places that will produce.

The bible says Isaac grew until he became very great with many possessions of flocks herds and servants. Because the philistines envied Isaacs prosperity, they stole away some of the inherited wells which his father had dug

These wells are very valuable because water was a precious commodity in the Old testament desert lands. Everything around wells flourished, herds drank foods grew, and the people lived in prosperity

The power to create wealth by Robert Tilton (pages 45,46)

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