Talking about My Girl

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Talking about My Girl …Feed the Homeless. Cheseburgers in Paradise. So today. This Morning Maria says to me. The Lord spoke to me when i woke up He Commanded me to go feed the Homeless today. I said Ok She said let’s go to McDonalds snd buy 20 cheese burgers snd fries. Ok. Take to bus station snd Library downtown. Ok. I dropped her off she went about handing out. I slowly drive car as she walked. She got back in. She says to me I did what God said To do .. It’s a test for greater things to come Are you listening. Give It will be given back. His eye is on the sparrow how much more on you .. dear one ????

God spoken audible about last days to me .. They that are Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God .. Learning to live Thee Life of God From your heart not your head / senses. Years ago the Lord spoke to me audible and said. I am leading my fish into the water (Spirit) so when waves come (life’s turmoils come) they will be able to hear My Voice. Saints get oil in your lamp Go to those who sell oil and buy With the price of a surrendered life in Him Learn to walk by your faith of God in you

Maria says her Faith talks to her!
I asked her what does Faith say?
“Faith says you have what you believe, Now Today!” She tells me it says to her, “Go Get it .. Now Today! Go get what your faith says We all have.”
What is your Faith Saying to You?
Tell me and I will agree with you! Faith will create it for you!!
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